Facials + Non-Invasive Lifts

Firmly rooted in science, chemistry and long-term results, our experienced estheticians specialize in outcome-oriented facials that treat specific skin conditions and anti-aging treatments. Our empirical process utilizes alchemical principles and unique compounding for personalized attention to delay the aging process and treat your specific skin needs. We customize a treatment plan using state-of-the-art G.M. Collin products for in-depth, result-oriented skincare.



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Signature Facial

60 minutes, $135
This facial will be customized to suit your skins ever-evolving needs. It includes exfoliation, extractions and a relaxing massage followed by a custom-formulated mask, for a relaxing and results-focused experience. Our expert products and customizations focus on anti-aging, derma-corrective skin care.


HydroLifting Treatment

60 minutes, $160
Ideal for a quick-fix when you want your skin to look great for a same-day event (perfect for brides, soirees and important events). Deeply hydrating, plumping, and toning, this facial restores, lifts and firms the skin for instant radiance and improved skin tone.


Collagen Anti-aging

90 minutes, $225
Collagen 92 is a powerful anti-aging treatment that hydrates, rejuvenates and regenerates the skin surface to combat visible wrinkles. One treatment leaves skin soft and plumped up and full results seen after five treatments. This facial also helps with healing after more in-depth treatments, such as micro-needling.


Intensive Hydrating facial

60 minutes, $160
This is ideal for all skin types, especially dehydrated and winter-sensitive skin. This enriched clinical treatment consists of an intense hydrating mask, for a slight detoxification and long-term moisture retainment.

quick fix facial

30 minutes, $85
Ancient Ayurvedic techniques are used to stimulate energy forces within the skin, bringing hydration, plumpness and rosiness. It aims to increase detoxification on a deeper level using Eastern holistic approaches for health and relaxation.


Organic Facial

60 minutes, $140
Organic facials are a natural way to beautify and brighten the skin, following the same procedures — cleanse, steam exfoliate, massage, nourish and moisturize — but all products used are organic, with minimal synthetic ingredients.


Energizing Facial

60 minutes, $140
Through a blend of antioxidants and vitamin C, alongside an energizing massage technique, skin will look and feel less fatigued, giving it a more radiant and rested appearance.

Cellular Vitality Treatment

60 minutes, $185
Plant stem cells are used to jump-start dormant skin functions to promote cellular rejuvenation. This helps to regulate the activity and vitality of epidermal stem cells, aids in promoting DNA protection and repair cellular longevity. From an aesthetic standpoint, it rejuvenates the skin on a deeper molecular level, for younger, healthier skin.

Non-Surgical Face Lift Facial

90 minutes, $225
This highly effective treatment uses micro-currents that mimics the body’s own bio-electric energies. The treatment is designed to soften capillaries, rejuvenate skin including skin damaged by sunburn, acne and scarring. It energizes and tightens the facial muscles through isometric contracts that result in an improved, lifted, younger appearance.


Oxygenating Treatment

60 minutes $160
Ideal for acne-prone skin, this oxygenating treatment Visibly reduces the appearance of breakouts, inflammation, enlarged pores and acne-related redness. This unique, expert treatment is non-drying, hydrating, healing, non-irritating and assists in the deep healing of acne and oily skin by normalizing collagen production, increasing cellular oxygenation and detoxification.

Light Chemical Peel Treatments

30 minutes $80
These peels are individually customized by our expert esthetician and can be designed for exfoliation, cell renewal, improvement of skin texture, brightening of the complexion, reduction of fine lines, and acne treatment. These peels help with the absorption of products, and work as an ideal add-on to other facials.

Teen Facial

60 minutes $100 (ages 13-16)
Facials are very important for teenagers as their bodies are experiencing many chemical changes. Teen facials typically begin with a deep cleansing, followed by gentle extractions. A healing mask will then help to rehydrate dry, flaky skin, or eliminate oily particles. This treatment can often help breakouts that frequently are associated with adolescent skin. We can also give some tips on best at-home recommendations to maintain consistent skincare results.

Ellebana Lash Lift

60 minutes $125
This treatment lifts your natural lashes, making them look longer and fuller as well as nourishing and conditioning the lashes. 


60 minutes $160
Antioxidant facial

Facial Add On

Sublime eye treatment 30 min $75

Microdermabrasion $45

Led Light $40

High Frequency $40





Erika T.

"I had a facial with Laura, her attention to detail and true interest in allowing your skin to glow was so appreciated. She was able to explain to me things I didn't know about the skin on my face and recommend things I can do at home to care for my face. "



Jerra R.

"My experience at Spa 27 was fantastic! I had an amazing facial with Joanna. I really felt that she was experienced and knowledgeable and that was comforting. I left her room feeling so relaxed, it was so nice!"



"Wonderful experience- very knowledgeable technician/facialist.Zen like relaxing feeling to the spa."



Kelsey B.

"Laura was amazing! It was my first facial done by her and I will be back for more. She assessed and addressed my skin's needs, a day later and my face feels and looks like it's glowing."