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We have been specializing in holistic approaches to the health of skin, neuromuscular treatments and nail therapies for the past decade. We have revolutionized our restorative programme of services by estheticians trained in alchemical approaches. This leads to revolutionary treatments in anti-aging, therapeutic massages and skincare for a holistic approach to health, aesthetics and well-being. 


"We are pleased to offer these progressive, ameliorative options to you at our same family-owned location on Route 27 — as a route that links you from the familiar urban to the serene beauty of the Hamptons."

- owners, Anita & Albin Polkowski 



Nancy K.

"As always it is fun to have your legs waxed with Anita, the owner of this very clean, lovely Spa. I also had a massage with Leidi which may be the best massage I have ever had. I had no idea how tight I was and how it was affecting my posture until she loosened me up. 4 days later I'm still relaxed! "


Natasa S.

"Anita was my treasure discovery for waxing in the Hamptons. Salon is beautiful and clean. Atmosphere is relaxing and comfortable and the waxing is done in no time. I almost feel like I am go to a mini spa, refreshed after. Perfect! Can't wait to go there again this summer. Thank you Anita!"